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first time at green jeans :) #yummyyyyy #needtofindagymsoon
corner of gifts from @justina_moment! thanks for the note :)) #youarebeauuutiful
baked ferrero rocher & chocolate chip cookies with @deann_ahh! :)
16th Apr 201421:49
gonna miss my dearest koin girlssss <33 missing rachel! #wedontneednofilter @aerdnaeel @amandakleee @erikateeshirt
the next time we’re together might  be a wedding in hk or singapore :) @tcmjasmine @leexys <3 #housematesforlife
can’t see our faces but still love this hahah <33 @amleung #stilllackingphotostogether #acfbanquet
one of the few that I can say I’ve known for four years :) #acfbanquet #hipsonwaist #calc1000 @justina_moment
don’t leave me @tcmjasmine!! you will be missed :( #timetogotohk #housematesforlife
Ivey banquet with the girlsss! <3 #iveycomplete @justina_moment @decharis @missvfoo
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