already missing this! @poobahyin ❤❤❤ #byebyetaiwan #longdistancefriendships
hiked up for this view ✌#hellotaipei101 #taiwannnn
our view from the top with animals climbing the roof #taiwannnn #jiufen #nofilter
home cooked meals are the best 😊✌#yumyumyummm #neverendingfood #hellohk
a weekend getaway with nature :) #tobermory #latergram
we did it! bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with pesto, garlic, spinach and cheese :) @esther_tongg
16th Jul 201420:14
the roomie’s first time in canada!! back to our endless eating, walking, and talking 😊😘❤😎 <333 #forevermythaicamel #loveeee @naroonratsakul
today’s beef tartare at sassafraz :) #summerlicious
happy birthday to the best @christinasjwu!!!!! 😘😘😘 had to pick this photo coz I love your face hahah. four years of long distance and i’m proud to say we’re still going strong :) thank you for being the most caring best friend I could ever ask for even when we’re a million miles apart ❤❤❤ #loveeeeeeeyouuuu
so blessed to have you as a sisterrrrrrr <333 #childhoodfriends #butnotreally @j__chang
19th Jun 201423:4756,402 notes
ivey ring ceremony with the familyyyyyy :)
18th Jun 201400:15
prosciutto, smoked salmon, mozzarella, cheddar & arugula (but ended up being water cress) #goodenoughforourfirsttry
31st May 201414:0314,561 notes
31st May 201414:03444 notes
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